Our speaker today was new club member Dave Webb who gave a classification talk.  Dave grew up in Paola, Kansas.
He attended a one-room school through 4th grade.  It featured a well, an outhouse and real spankings. Dave's parents had 100,000 laying chickens and an egg business.  Dave raised hogs so he always had pocket money from sales of those animals. For a while, he owned a carpet store.  He felt if you were always scrupulously honest, people would be return customers and he led his business that way and was successful.
Now Dave is in the music industry as a promoter of dinner musical theater productions offered here at the Gold Canyon Resort.  The business name is Sunland Promotions.  He originally started out with the idea of presenting 80 different shows but has cut that back to 35.  The most popular show is the one featuring music of the Beach Boys. 
Dave is married to Mickey who works as a manager at Golden Sun RV park.  They have a daughter who recently adopted a girl that she waited two years for.  The Webbs believe in charitable giving to others and that is one reason he joined Rotary. Dave mentioned that his spikey hair is a marketing tool.  People expect him to do anything and say anything and it gives him an entree' to speak with customers at his shows.