Today's speaker was our own Harvey Clark.  Harvey is a representative for SkyMed and he described that organization for us.
Sky Med provides up to 18 emergency travel services for people who experience a serious health emergency during their travel. Air transport can cost in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.  Insurance companies will pay only a fraction of that amount. Sky Med will arrange and pay for a medically-equipped air ambulance to take you to the hospital nearest to your home after a medical emergency.  Sky Med will arrange for a member's spouse/companion to accompany them on the air ambulance flight if space is available, and if not, will pay for a commercial flight. They will also arrange for the return of a car, RV, boat or truck to the owners residence. Sky Med is a membership organization and there are three tiers of membership - a short-term plan, a traditional annual plan and the ultimate plan.  Harvey passed out information about Sky Med and offered club members a discount to join. He will be happy to chat with you regarding plans and costs.