Jim Erickson introduced District Governor Sherry Mischel.  Sherry gave us a very non-traditional program that had us all laughing and thinking.  Sherry explained that her home club called her the "Queen of Rotary" and gave her a crown, a scepter and a gold plated stepping stool to let her see eye to eye with her subjects.  She called up several club members who she asked to kneel and she then dubbed them Sir (Name)and told them to go forth into the world and do good.
Sherry then proceeded to grill club members on their knowledge of Rotary such as RYLA, RYE Interact and Rotoract.  She asked some probing questions like "What Do We Give to Rotary?", "How Can We Attract Younger Members?" "What Were Your Club Fundraising Events Last Year?", "Where Do We Learn Our Values?" and "How Does the Club Relate to the Interact Club?"  For right answers, Tonya Watson awarded bags of M & Ms.  It was a fun way to re-learn about our club and Rotary in general.
DG Sherry closed her talk by giving awards earned by the club last year to last-year's President Bryant Powell.  They included the Every Rotarian Every Year Award, the 100% Sustaining Members Award and the District Award as the club had the had the largest growth in "Members Under 40".
President Matt then told Sherry that the club was donating $200 to the RYLA program and presented her with a surprise gift which turned out to be a Green Bay Packer cheesehead.