‚ÄčOur speaker today was Colette Moore from SRP talking about Arizona's water supply and SRP's role in managing water. 
Colette told us the keys to a secure water supply are 1)water supply diversity 2)an assured water supply program and 3)water supply augmentation.  With respect to 1), she mentioned that we have the Salt and Verde Rivers which are managed by SRP, groundwater which can be tapped anywhere, the Colorado River water that is managed by CAP and effluent or treated wastewater. With respect to 2), Arizona has a law that developers have to have scientific studies done to prove they have a 100-year water supply before development can occur.  It is a program unique in the U.S. because it forces water decisions and planning to occur before growth occurs.  She did not say much about 3) other than to mention cloud seeding.  The takeaway is that Arizona is not in crisis like California due to good long term planning.  But we must continue to be vigilant and to enact new steps as necessary to assure water for the future of the state.