Apache Junction Assistant City Manager Bryant Powell introduced our speaker, Joel Stern.  Joel is a Univ. of AZ law school graduate who has been with the city of Apache Junction as City Attorney for 16 1/2 years.  Prior to coming here, he was one of the city attorneys in Riverside, CA.
Joel handed out a packet of information that he uses with the Citizen Leadership Institute in Apache Junction.  One handout described the responsibilities of the City Attorney in his role as the legal advisor to the AJ City Council, Boards and staff and his other role as the Prosecutor for all misdemeanor crimes committed in AJ.  Attached was a list of the number of misdemeanor charges brought in various categories over the 2013 calendar year.  The most numerous were assaults, disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license, failure to appear in court, shoplifting, criminal damage, and speeding.  He also handed out detailed descriptions of Public Records law, Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Law which would be of particular interest to persons engaged in public governance.  
In general for Pinal County cities, felony prosecutions are handled by the Pinal County Attorney's Office while misdemeanor offenses are handled by the City Attorneys.  Non-incorporated areas like Gold Canyon have both felonies and misdemeanors handled by Pinal County attorneys.  Joel is assisted in his work by 2 Criminal Legal Aides and 2 Civil Legal Aides.