Our speaker of the day was Sharon Knutson-Felix, Executive Director of the 100 Club of Arizona.  The motto of the 100 Club is "Standing Behind the Men and Women Who Stand behind the Badge". 
Sharon's husband was a DPS motorcycle officer who was struck by a car and killed on a freeway ramp.  She also lost a six year old son who was killed by a car while walking back home from the store.  She resolved not to be defined by these events but to reach out in a positive way with the rest of her life.  She went to work for the 100 Club of Arizona so she could help the families of public safety officers that were impacted by death or injury of the officer.  Over the years, the club has given over $11,000,000 in aid of various types.  The most well-known type is a $15,000 grant made to the family of an officer killed in the line of duty.  They try to get the aid to the family within 24 hours.  A grant of $500 to $1,500 per month depending on need is also made to families of officers injured in the line of duty.  Grants are also made for On Duty Death or Injury and Non-Line of Duty Death or Injury
Less well known is the fact that the 100 Club has provided scholarship help over the years in the amount of $1,140,000 to the children or spouses of officers or firefighters killed or injured.  They were there for the families of the Yarnell Hill hot shot crew killed fighting a forest fire.
If you would like more information on the 100 Club of Arizona or would like to donate to this extremely valuable and compassionate organization, see their website at www.100club.org.
Sharon clarified that they are not a Rotary group.  They are often confused with the Phoenix 100 Club which does belong to Rotary.