Our speaker today was Janine Solley, Economic Development Director for the City of Apache Junction. 
Unfortunately we did not leave Janine much time for her presentation so she had to cover things pretty quickly.  The mission statement below comes from the AJ Economic development website.
The City of Apache Junction is committed to assisting businesses in creating jobs and income opportunities for all segments of the population; providing efficient, attentive and courteous customer service; supporting and facilitating favorable site selection or expansion decisions by business and industry; promoting redevelopment and infill; and through these efforts, improving the quality of life for residents, visitors and employees in Apache Junction.
Much of the land around AJ is public land and not available so it is hard to find sites for large developments.  There is currently zero office space available in AJ.  She is proud of the median enhancements that have been completed on Apache Trail.  Janine told us of Buckskin that has a demographic search engine called Scout.  She illustrated it by speaking of the characteristics of the population that lives within a 5-min drive of the Gold Canyon Golf Resort where we are meeting. One goal is to diversify the types of retail stores in AJ.