Harvey Clark introduced our speaker Bobbi Sudberry of Kaity's Way.  Harvey learned of Kaity's Way through Jerry Monohan - former police chief of Apache Junction.  
Bobbi lost her 16-year old daughter Kaity to her daughter's ex-boyfriend who killed Kaity and then killed himself.  Kaity's Way is a 501c3 organization set up by Bobbi to honor the memory of her daughter.  The goal of the organization is to lessen the instances of violence 
among and against young people.  A violent relationship is a relationship where at least one person within the relationship chooses to emotionally, verbally, or physically cause harm to another in the relationship.  
The acronym used by Kaity's Way is PEACE - Patience, Empathy, Acceptance, Caring and Equality.  Bobbi will come to any interested 501c3 organization (schools, universities, Boys and Girls clubs, scouts, etc.) to make a presentation.  She is interested in helping not only the victims of violence but the perpetrators of it as well.  
She suggested ways to help Kaity's Way - donations, sponsoring a presentation at an event, donating in-kind services and just spreading the word about the program.  They also collect unwanted cell phones as a fund raiser for Kaity's Way.
President Bryant told Bobbi that our club would be donating $120 to CAAFA as a thank you for her presentation today.  For further information see Bobbi's website at www.kaitysway.org or reach her at 602-740-2734.