Our speaker today was Lisa Marshall, owner of Gold Canyon Hearing in the Basha's Plaza shopping center. Lisa has been in the hearing industry for 15 years - 6 years in Gold Canyon. 
One in five people have a hearing loss.  The most common forms are high frequency hearing loss and tinnitis.
Some causes of hearing loss are high blood pressure, diabetes, work-related noises, osteoporosis and aging. Also, two hundred medicines are known to negatively affect hearing.  Hearing loss can lead to balance problems and to social isolation. Lisa gives hearing tests and bone conduction tests to assess a person's hearing ability.  The technology continues to evolve - 24, 48 and even 64 channels are available.  The cost of hearing aids depends on how sophisticated a system you want to purchase.  Good intro level hearing aids can be had for $1,500 to $2,500.  Blu-Ray systems now can send sound direct to hearing aids from a TV or in a public space like a church.  Lisa recommends that each person who is noticing hearing problems take charge of their situation and get a hearing test done.
Lisa volunteered at the end of her talk to help out the club at the Lost Dutchman Rodeo Days.  Way to go Lisa!