Our speaker was John Fillmore, a former member of this club.  John owns the Weather Shack on Apache Trail between Sossaman and Power where he sells ACs, fountains and other home products. John has a strong interest in Arizona politics and has been a successful/unsuccessful Republican candidate for the AZ House.  He is interested in running for the AZ Senate when current District 16 Senator Rich Crandall resigns his positon as he is expected to do on August 16 since he has taken a new position as Director of the WY Dept of education.


District 16 includes parts of Maricopa and Pinal County.  70,000 voters are from Maricopa County and 40,000 from Pinal County.  In replacing Crandall who is a Republican, the Republican committeemen from Maricopa County (but not Pinal County!) will meet to nominate 3 possible replacements to the Maricopa County Board of supervisors.  This leaves the Pinal County Republican committeemen out of the decision-making process which John believes is a disenfranchisement.  He proposed a bill that would have changed the law to include committemen from all counties represented in a district but it was vetoed by Governor Brewer.

John has a residence in Maricopa County and so is eligible to be nominated by the committeemen of Maricopa County.  So far, there are 5 persons interested in replacing Crandall. 

Good luck John with your political ambitions. Mike Dungan fined John $20 for advertising - $1 for each of the 20 voters present in the room.