Zachary Martyn - Student - Bryan Martyn's son
Jeff Schaefer - Student - Friend of Zach

Christine LaBarge – District 5510 Interact Chair
Forming an Interact Club

What is Interact? … Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs which provide support and guidance. 
The primary purpose of Interact is to reach out to high school age young people in an effort to identify the leaders in this age group. The Interact club becomes the vehicle to work with this group to develop, cultivate and strengthen their leadership skills.  It is hoped that they will ultimately go on to become part of Rotary International.
Interact clubs are self governing. Once the club is up and running adults have little to do with directing club activities. Each year the club is required to have at least one community service activity and one international service project. There is an immediate benefit to participating students. All of the hours spent on these projects count as community service hours that are very important on college admission applications and on job resumes.
Three ingredients are needed before an Interact Club can be formed; a sponsoring Rotary Club; Students age 12 to 18; and an advisor from a high school or other student oriented organization. Finding an advisor for the club may present a challenge since many schools have no money to fund activities of this kind and the advisor must volunteer his or her time spent with the club.
With the ingredients in place, the six steps to create an Interact Club begin.
  1. Permissions – First the sponsoring Rotary club members must agree to take on the responsibility to form an Interact Club. Then the student’s organization, e.g. high school, must agree to have a club. And finally the Rotary District’s Interact Chair must secure approval from the District Governor.
  2. Students - Potential student members called “interactors” must be identified. Finding one student with natural leadership qualities can often be the seed to attract a group of students to start a club.
  3. Informational Meeting - Invite potential interactors to an informational meeting at the school or host organization.  The benefits of forming an Interact club can be presented and discussed. This should be an upbeat presentation with brainstorming ideas for potential community projects.
  4. Organizational Meeting - Hold the first organizational meeting.  Establish the structure of the club … who will be President, the Officers and Board Members? Where and when will meetings take place?
  5. Paperwork – Always the paperwork with all the official forms and signatures … can’t be helped.
  6. Inaugural Ceremony – Hold an inaugural ceremony. Present interactors with their membership certificates and Interact Club T-Shirt.
Once the club is formed club activities will be self managed by the students. Keeping in mind that they are teenagers, some coaching by Rotarians will still be necessary to keep them on track. Rotary club members who become involved with the Interact club should become familiar with Rotary’s Youth Protection Policy. Strict adherence to this policy will protect these young people from potential abuse.
Chris suggested we look at the Apache Junction Boys and Girls Club as a host organization for an Interact Club. Boys and Girls clubs all over the county have youth clubs called Keystone Clubs within their organization structure. The problem of finding an advisor would be solved since the paid staff is already in place. Tom Puklin, who is on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley, will work with Chris to explore the possibility of forming an Apache Junction Interact-Keystone Club.

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