February 5, 2020
Andrea Brundage, owner of Simple Organized Solutions, and author of Simplify Your Life, gave us an overview of her work. Her books are tools to help you achieve the goal of simplifying your life. In a nutshell, organizers can run interference during conversations about what's important and what isn't. She point out that "storage units are full of delayed decisions".Four questions to ask yourself in deciding whether to keep an item are:
  1. Do I love this?
  2. Do I use it, or do I need it?
  3. Does it serve me well?
  4. Could it serve someone else better?


February 12

Our speaker, Jeannie Morgan, educated us on the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona. Jeannie is a past District Governor, a member of the Mesa West Rotary Club, a Kiwanian and a Soroptimist. She stressed the importance of this fund, which is unique to Arizona. In 1990, the Rotary Districts in Arizona established the 501(C)3 organization for the sole purpose of partnering with Rotary Clubs and their members to aid qualified candidates in obtaining eduction, training and skill development, so they may, in turn, attain career oriented employment and financial stability, and contribute to their communities. We were told that there are more applicants than the fund can handle, making grants unavailable anywhere from three to six months of the year. The maximum grant has been lowered from $3,000 to $2,000. This fund is not related to the Rotary Foundation. Jeannie is requesting that we have a Vocational Fund spokesperson for our club. Donations may qualify for an Arizona Tax Credit up to $800 for couples and $400 for a single filer, and are also deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes. For more information, visit www.donate.trvfa.org.



February 19, 2020

Nicky Burroughs, BSN, RN, CM, member of the Mesa West Rotary Club and owner of A-Z Best Home Care, spoke about her passion for making people's lives more comfortable. The services she offers include companion care, personal care and specialty care.

For more information, visit www.atozbesthomecare.com

February 26, 2020

Harvey Clark gave us an overview of Sky Med, the international rescue company that provides emergency transportation services when you are traveling. If you get sick, they will get you home. For more information, visit http://www.skymed.com.






March 4

Wendy Udall from Hospice at Home of Arizona "Busted the myths about hospice" for us by answering the 5 W's of hospice care:

  • What is hospice? Hospice is Comfort care for those who are terminally ill … it is End of Life Care
  • Who pays for the cost of hospice?  Medicare Part A
  •  When are you eligible for hospice? When a physician states that if the terminal illness takes its normal course, the patient would pass away within six months
  • Where can you receive hospice services? Hospice services can be provided in private homes, group homes, nursing homes … or just about anywhere.
  • Why? Why not?  You deserve the right to pass away comfortably in your own home Also, you already paid into it (Medicare) … you earned it

Our newest member, Dorothy Homann, was inducted on March 4.




Tracey Yamamoto was awarded a Paul Harris award.





March 11, 2020

Apache Junction Police Chief, Tom Kelly, updated us today on the police department's current outreach efforts, which include loaning car seats to out-of-town visitors, automobile VIN etching for theft prevention, bicycle registration, homeless outreach and services to help victims with emotional stress, to name a few.