October 30
Today we had the opportunity to learn about the lives of two of our members.

Bill Pepple shared his experiences as the owner of a car dealership and as an Executive with United Way in Hicksville, Ohio. Bill is currently heading up a club project to help disadvantaged children learn to read.
Peggy Cabrinha, Past District Governor  (2013-14) of District 5670, spoke about her life as a school teacher in Oahu, Hawaii and Atwood, Kansas. Peggy shared her excitement about a project she is starting with Four Peaks Elementary, where she will be teaching Spalding Phonics.
October 23

To a child who is now a member of the 'Bikers Against Child Abuse' family, the rumbling sound of a dozen motorcycles and the ground trembling beneath their feet is the sound of safety.

Pam Musler, AKA “Nytro” to her BACA family, spoke at our Superstition Mountain Rotary Club meeting on October 23rd about how BACA helps an abused child.

Two BACA members are assigned as the child’s primary contacts.They are committed to supporting the child in a variety of ways; accompanying a child to a court hearing, being there when in the presence of the abuser, hospital visits if there is physical harm to the child, supporting a child undergoing therapy, and more.

Go to their website to learn more about BACA or donate - https://bacaworld.org/
Or visit their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/BikersAgainstChildAbuseInternational/

October 16

Despite our probing questions, magician and motivational speaker Jeff Scanlan did not reveal the magic of putting a deck of cards in a bottle. 

To accomplish this feat, Jeff gave us his not so secret advice. Don't quit too soon, and never give up trying. And Jeff’s real message is to follow that advice in everything we do in our lives to achieve success beyond our dreams. The only reason to quit is when it begins to affect our time or our finances.

October 9
Our speaker was Karen Perry, founder of '3 Wing of Life', with an update of her work with equine assisted therapy. In the memory of her three children, who were lost in a tragic plane crash in 2011, Karen has dedicated her work to helping children from age 5 to 17 with emotional and behavioral issues, as well as to veterans. Her organization offers cognitive equine assisted therapy, which is a non riding program conducted with a mental health care professional and an equine specialist. '3 Wings of Life' is a 501 (c) (3) organization, relying solely on donations, and is an eagala certified facility ( www.eagala.org ).  They have a desperate need for mental health professionals to help with therapy. For more information about Karen's work here are her website and Facebook pages:
October 2

Our meeting today was a Club Assembly, with discussions on a variety of topics. AJ City Manager, Bryant Powell, provided an update on some happenings in Apache Junction that included recent flood information and the fact that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Club members participated in an intense discussion of the many aspects of the upcoming school bond election. Jacquie Smith commented on how difficult it is to communicate the importance of this issue to voters. It is a big decision facing our community in the coming weeks.

We talked about a number of upcoming events happening on October 26: Make a Difference Day, the Sustainability Alliance project and a Halloween event for kids at Flatiron Park. Members of our club will be volunteering.

In addition, there were number of suggestions for new projects; i.e. Walking dogs at the Paws and Claws Animal Shelter, or holding a theme dinner with a silent auction.