Nick Blake – Apache Junction Parks Superintendent
Apache Junction Parks Superintendent Nick Blake gave us an overview of the city’s 17 different park facilities. A wide variety of park facilities range from a half acre - traffic islands at State Route 88 and Idaho Road; and 1,628 acres - Sheep Drive Trail consisting of undeveloped equestrian and hiking trails.

Most of the city’s park facilities are on leased land. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) owns much of the land and leases it to the city for use by the Parks Division. Land the School District owns is used by the Parks Division under a cooperative interagency agreement. Development of park facilities has been generally paid for by State and Federal grants. The result is that Apache Junction’s parks have been acquired and developed for public use at little or no cost to the taxpayer. 


We in Rotary are familiar with two of the city’s major park facilities where we are involved in club fund raising events - Prospector Park and the Rodeo Park. Prospector Park (276 acres) is the location of the start and finish of the Lost Dutchman Marathon events and consists of baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts and tennis courts. The Rodeo Park (20 acres) is the location one of the club’s most lucrative fund raising efforts – the Lost Dutchman Days Rodeo.

The Focal Point (1.1 acres) at the intersection of the Apache Trail, SR 88 and the Old West Highway is being developed and maintained by the Parks Division. New to the Focal Point are an electronic information marquis and a group of flag poles where armed forces flags will be flown.

A big park project in the early stages of development is Silly Mountain Park (200 acres).  Plans for Silly Mountain include multi-use trails, a children’s play area, an equestrian area, a dog park and a botanical garden with an interpretive center