Richard Jensen - CHOT
ImageThe US Professional CHOT Association is a little start-up company promoting a new and unknown golf-like sport and is undertaking the monumental task of gaining acceptance by golf courses and breaking into the giant world of golf.  Not many challenges are as daunting. It’s a little like David challenging Goliath.

ImageThe analogy to David and Goliath doesn’t end there. CHOT is a game played with a sling; but unlike using the sling as a weapon to throw a stone, the CHOT player throws a football shaped CHOT ball that is about the size of a golf ball.


The game is played on a golf course and uses the tee-box, the fairways and greens in the same way as in golf. The CHOT player uses the sling to throw the CHOT ball down the fairway and ultimately reaches the green. On CHOT certified golf courses the traditional flag pin is replaced by a CHOT flag pin. The addition of a wind sock net underneath the flag is the only modification to the traditional flag pin. When close to or on the green the player attempts to throw the CHOT ball into the net.

Scoring is similar to golf; each throw counts as a stroke. When the player throws and gets the ball into the net that throw counts as a stroke. If the net is missed a two stroke penalty is assessed. The slings come in various sizes depending on the distance desired. With the long sling a CHOT ball can travel more than 200 yards using the approved figure-eight wind up sling technique. Shorter slings are used for shorter distances and more accuracy. The over the head helicopter wind-up sling technique (not approved) is the most powerful and the most dangerous. Distances of more than 400 yards have been achieved with this technique … but the CHOT ball might go in just about any direction – 360 degrees.

CHOT players can play right along with traditional golfers without inhibiting the game in any way. There are some advantages. It’s easy to learn and CHOT players can play faster than traditional golfers.  The football shape of the CHOT ball causes the ball to spiral and make a straight trajectory. Just think – no uncontrolled slices or hooks. One thing the golf courses like is that CHOT players leave no divots.

Richard Jensen is one of six entrepreneur investors in CHOT having created the company and the game from scratch. The original slings and balls were fabricated in a garage. They have now progressed to the point of having slings and balls professionally manufactured and are going ahead with hiring reps to travel Arizona’s golf courses to sign them up as CHOT certified courses. Looks like this modern day David is going to take his best CHOT. Take a look at the website at