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Captain Troy Mullender -
Apache Junction Police Department
The FBI Academy
From television crime dramas one gets the impression that local police departments and the FBI are as compatible as oil and water. Troy’s talk changed that perception by revealing a unique relationship between the FBI and local police departments all over the world.
Troy, a 25 year veteran of the Apache Junction Police Department, recently attended the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Created in 1935, the FBI Academy offers a 10 week course to law enforcement professionals with the purpose of enhancing their personal skills and raising law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation worldwide. Troy’s class consisted of 246 students coming from a broad sample of organizations all over the US and included two from the military and 22 from other countries.
In addition to attending classes, the entire group spent all of their time together exchanging personal experiences and ideas.  Not surprising all of Troy’s classmates had experienced similar problems and issues but their solutions differed. Ultimately these exchanges will benefit the organizations that make the effort to send officers to the Academy.
Different cultures have dramatically different law enforcement practices compared to ours in the USA. Some concepts will simply not cross over. One example was an observation by a police officer from Taiwan who felt our practices of showing probable cause and obtaining search warrants in order to search were an unnecessary constraint.
Captain Mollender is the head of the AJPD Support Services Division.  In his present job he oversees a variety of programs including Animal Control, Neighborhood Watch, Police Auxiliary and the Detention Unit. Troy and Chief Monahan are presently the only two officers from Apache Junction who have been selected to attend the FBI Academy.