Jeff Penrod – Quantum Investigations
ImageJeff Penrod is a Private Investigator with a specialty; finding people who may or may not want to be found. 

The simplest search involves looking for someone who is not trying to hide. Looking for a long lost friend or distant relative fits in this category.  However, there are occasions when the client has hidden the true motivation for finding the person … so Jeff makes sure that no harm will come to the person he has found. If satified that all is on the up-and-up he makes the connection and the job is done.
Then there are the people who are hiding. Maybe they’ve skipped out on a debt or stolen some property. Or perhaps they are someone who had been abused and who have taken steps to get away from their abuser.  Clearly these are two entirely different situations and it takes some careful analysis and judgment to decide whether to disclose the whereabouts of the subject to the client.
Some hiders get quite good at assuming a new identity and covering their past.  However, in most cases the hiding person will find breaking ties completely with the past a fairly difficult proposition.  There is always a trail. Sometimes that thread is just difficult to find and requires the skills of an experienced investigator.
Then there is the issue of privacy.  People do have the right to privacy.  But when someone has stolen property or is hiding from a legal obligation that right to privacy is not so clear.
If you watch TV crime dramas you might get the impression that finding a person takes only a few clicks on a computer accessing the miracle database.  Shazam! … there he is … name, address, phone number and a picture too.  Not true!  Databases can be useful … but on a case that has any degree of complexity the database approach may not work.  More important is the art of questioning the people who might know the subject. With a solid honest reason to find the subject a straightforward set of questions might suffice.  However, other techniques are needed when deception is required to find the information needed.
One such deception is the practice of pre-texting; just another word for lying.  Purposely misleading people in order to get information needed to find your subject is an acceptable practice. But representing a government official such as a police officer is strictly against the law. One example of an acceptable ruse is to pretend to be a human resources person looking for your subject in order to make him a job offer.  Not many people who know your John Doe will hesitate to tell you how to find him.
And if you really want to find that S.O.B. who skipped town without paying back the $10,000 he owes you … check out Jeff’s website.