Tillie Tellall – a.k.a. PDG Barb Feder
Secrets of the Rotary Foundation
ImageTime traveler Tillie Tellall paid us a visit to recall many of Rotary’s wonderful historic moments.  Sporting her early 1900’s black hat and appropriate shawls of the era, Tillie gave us a 100 year look at Rotary.
Tillie’s recollections began with the very beginnings of Rotary when Paul Harris got a few friends together to meet and exchange ideas to help their respective businesses.  Soon more friends joined the group and meeting venues rotated each week.  They decided that the concept of rotating the meeting place was the inspiration for a name for the group … Rotary.
At the time Tillie didn’t have much hope for the group … Do we really need another men’s club?  Little did she or Paul Harris know what the future would bring. That little group has grown to 1.2 million members in 34,000 clubs worldwide in 208 countries … and today about 25 percent of its members are women!  Paul and the original members would certainly be shocked.
As the organization of Rotary clubs grew its name became the International Association of Rotary Clubs.  That name became a problem when it had to appear on Rotary’s emblem; the Rotary Wheel and the Rotary Pin … so the name was shortened to Rotary International.
Tillie recalled two Rotarians whose contributions had significant impact on the organization. Donald Carter introduced the concept of Community Service to Rotary; a change that has resulted in Rotary becoming a leader in helping people throughout the world.
Herbert Taylor made his contribution by writing and introducing the Four-Way Test to Rotary. This simple set of words has become the standard by which all behavior should be measured for Rotarians.  Other Rotarians were instrumental in drafting the United Nations Charter and still others began the monumental task of eliminating Polio; a goal which we are about to achieve.
Tillie told us how supporting the Rotary Foundation enables Rotary to continue to help those in need.  While there are many ways to contribute, direct contributions are the most common and are recognized with a Paul Harris Fellow award.  There are nearly 1.2 million Paul Harris Fellows today. 
While Tillie is a fictional character, her recollections of Rotary’s amazing accomplishments are very real. Tillie ended her talk with the words …
Help a Stranger, Praise a Child, Light a Candle, Share your Love, Sing for Joy, Pray for Peace, Understand