Our speaker next week will be Dirk van Leenen.  Dirk owns and operates an airport taxi service, My Chauffeur Taxi Service.  He is also an accomplished horticulturalist and he has won numerous awards for his floral arrangements.  Additionally, Dirk is an author.  He was born in the Netherlands in 1940 and is a holocaust survivor.  His family sheltered and aided Jews during the Second World War.
“Before the war in Holland there were 150,000 Jews; after the war there were 40,000. All these people had to be hidden, fed, and often transported to other locations. The Nazis could not win the war so they decided to starve the citizens of Holland, by doing so, root out the Jews hiding there. The world did not find out that Jews were being killed in the concentration camps until two years into the war and after more than two million Jews had been killed. The author's parents were hiding an average of 20 Jews under the floor of their home in the city of The Hague. At the same time the author's father distributed food stamps and Fake IDs to the Jews in the hiding places all over the country at great risk of being shot. The author, then a 4 year-old boy, was riding with his father and acted as a decoy for the Nazis and was packed with the counterfeit papers, IDs, and food stamps.”1
Dirk has written two books on these wartime experiences; Resistance on a Bicycle and The American are Coming.  Dirk will be speaking on these books and his experiences as a young child during World War II
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