Cactus Crooners

Cactus Crooners

We were delightfully entertained with a medley of songs dedicated to “the woman in our life” …

Lyda Rose
My Wild Irish Rose
Yes Sir That’s My Baby


 Each member of the quartet has a different role to play ...

Caryl Carstensen is the Lead and sings the melody
Ray Stasko is the Tenor and sings the high notes
Murray Hiatt is the Bass and sings the low notes
Bruce Klein is the Baritone and sings the notes no one else wants

One of the dumbest questions asked is “How many are in your Quartet?”  Oddly enough … the answer is five.  The founder of the Cactus Crooners, Dick Stein, is a snowbird.  He sings bass in the winter and Murray takes over in the summer. 

Great entertainment … Happy Valentine’s Day