The Rotary Foundation – John Pennypacker

John Pennypacker described four programs designed to encourage supporting the Rotary Foundation. 

The Annual Programs Fund

For this fiscal year Superstition Mountain has established a club goal of $4,400 to be donated to the Rotary Foundation through the Annual Programs Fund. 

Individual giving to the Annual Programs Fund is promoted with the phrase – EVEY – Every Rotarian Every Year.  No minimum dollar amount is required. Those who donate $100 dollars or more are recognized as Sustaining Members.

Fifty percent of the contributions to the Annual Programs Fund are returned to the district after three years. These funds are then available for projects funded by district grants.

Polio Plus Program

While we are only “an inch away” from meeting the goal of eradicating polio worldwide there is still work to be done. Four countries remain at risk; India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria.  India is almost there having now gone for one whole year without a new case of polio.

The eradication of polio is having a very positive financial impact on poor countries.  Without the healthcare burden of treating millions of polio cases; the financial savings is measured in the billions of dollars.

The Permanent Fund

Acting like a savings account the principal in the Permanent Fund is never touched; only the interest is used to support projects. Rotary International has set a goal of having $1 Billion in the Permanent Fund by 2025.

One way to contribute to the Permanent Fund is to make a provision in your will designating the Rotary Foundation as a beneficiary of $1000 or more on your passing.  By doing so one becomes a Rotary Benefactor.  This method of giving has been thought of as “Your Final Happy Dollars”.

The Triple Crown

A distinctive Triple Crown pin is awarded to those individuals who have achieved three benchmarks in Rotary giving. The pin is earned when an individual has become a Paul Harris Fellow; has achieved the designation of Sustaining Member by donating at least $100 in the EREY program; and has become a Rotary Benefactor.

John Pennypacker is slated to become the District 5510 District Governor for 2014-2015.