Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Who ever thought The Toughest Sheriff In America could be truly entertaining?  Listening to his talk was a little like going to a Comedy Club.
Despite his reputation Joe does things that might earn him the title of America’s Nicest Sheriff. Some of his jail house programs are innovative and compassionate.
  • Girl Scouts Behind Bars is a program to encourage female inmates to stay connected to their children.
  • Read To Me Mommy is another program for female inmates. The mothers read books onto tape, which are given to their children to listen to and read along. The program helps both inmates and their children learn to read.
  • Hard Knocks High is the only accredited high school administered by a sheriff in an American jail.
These programs are designed to break the cycle of criminal behavior.
Joe also has a soft spot for animals. Animal abusers are not favorites of Joe Arpaio … but abused cats, dogs, and horses all get the five star treatment in Joe’s jail house. When the animal unit was created convicts housed in an air conditioned building were moved to tents in order to make room for the abused animals. Female inmates enjoy the task of taking care of animals and working for the special animal unit.
Neither Joe nor our own Harvey Clark wore their pink underwear today. But a photo of Harvey, sporting his autographed pink undies, got a pretty good chuckle when presented to The Toughest Sheriff in America