What a great three days of fundraising at the Lost Dutchman Rodeo!!   Even though the weather was cloudy, windy and misting on Saturday and Sunday, we still sold $17,220 worth of beer.
As usual, the big sales spot was venue D, the brick building near the entrance.  We don't know  yet what the club's income from sales will be, but it will be a huge boost to our budget.
The tip jars produced $1,687 ($133 more than last year) which goes directly to the club.
We had 26 club members working plus two Rotarian spouses and one Rotarian daughter.  We were ably assisted by 11 Rotarian winter visitors and their spouses.  Some club members worked multiple days.  In all, 43 people helped out.  And of course, we had the Interact club members present to sell water who are not in our count.
Mike Cowan, our event coordinator, had these thanks to offer:  "Special thanks to Ron Knies and Dick Soener for all the assistance they provided for me.  Also to Doug Sloan who volunteered to stay after and help on Saturday night and of course to Tracey Yamamoto, not only for volunteering every day, but also for staying after and helping to count the days sales and wrap things up on Saturday and Sunday.  To Steve Lewis too for donating 20 cases of water to the Interact Club who did their best providing water for sale."
On behalf of the club, the editor would like to say a big "THANK YOU, MIKE!" for organizing and supervising the event which required untold hours which most of us never see.  Well done! And to all our volunteers, thanks for stepping up.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.