Program – Classification Talk – Mike Munion
Pittsburg Steelers Fan
California Forest Fighter
Alaska Salmon Fisherman
Florida Construction Worker
Pennsylvania Steel Mill Worker
Crisis Counselor - Psychotherapist
Talks to those who talk to themselves
Undergraduate Degree in Psychology
Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
Corporate Executive – Chief Clinical Officer
Lakota Sioux Medicine Man helped his slice
NOT a draft dodger – his number did not get called 
Mike’s first exposure to therapy was as a patient. While in college his roommate knew he needed help and recommended a therapist. Conventional wisdom was to become an attorney … but the voice within said something else resulting in stress. One 45 minute talk with a counselor opened up a world of choices and took a great weight off his mind. Mike did not need to be part of the establishment. With the stress relieved, Mike dropped out of college and set out to enjoy his youth with varied experiences. 
After returning to college and armed with degrees in psychology, Mike made his way to Arizona in 1979 and took a job as a crisis counselor with the Behavioral Health Agency of Central Arizona. His job dealt with crisis situations involving people who are different … some say crazy … and who scare the average person. Mike seems to have an innate skill to relate to those who don’t relate to others. Mike is able to talk to those who talk to themselves. This seems to be Munion’s magic.
In one situation Mike arrived at a crisis scene where four big well armed and macho police officers were totally intimidated by a young man talking to himself and exhibiting strange behavior. They didn’t know what to do. Mike arrived and the cops thanked him with “Boy, are we glad to see you!”
In another situation Mike was rushed to the scene of a man who had locked himself in a room with guns. Attempts by cops and family failed to get a response from the man other than “Go Away!” Mike arrived and began talking to the man as only Mike can do. The man opened the door, said “Hi Mike” and shook his hand … crises over … like magic. 
Now, as Chief Clinical Officer of Mountain Health and Wellness, Mike is helping to implement a more holistic integrated approach to medical care. The traditional scenario of … go to the doctor, get pills and go home … often fails without behavioral modifications. Mike’s philosophy is that medical treatment alone is not the answer.  Behavioral changes are needed to be effective. With Mike’s approach a psychotherapist joins the doctor in the patient’s treatment. The result … better outcomes … less cost.
One might ask how a person who clearly leans to the left can get along so well with a bunch of leaning to the right conservatives in our club. Perhaps that’s just part of Munion’s magic.