Ellen Terry
East Valley Adult Resources

ImageEllen Terry works for East Valley Adult Resources and is the Volunteer Coordinator for a program called Assistance for Independent Living (AIL). Ellen told us how the program works and how it benefits seniors in the community.

Aging seniors generally want to maintain their independence by staying in their homes … but can’t do that without some help.  The alternative may be moving to a very expensive long term care facility; an undesirable or impossible prospect for many. The help needed is often trivial by most standards, but without that help staying independent is not an option.


Help … so what are we talking about?

  • Grocery shopping …Many aging seniors can no longer drive while all other aspects of living at home are fine.  Shopping can be done with or without the senior being present.
  • Rides to the doctor or a cancer treatment facility … This is another transportation problem that can be solved with a volunteer. 
  • Visual assistance … Diminished vision can make the simple tasks of reading and responding to mail or paying bills impossible. A once a week visit by a volunteer to perform these reading tasks may be the single most important factor in maintaining independence.
  • Household chores … Simple household chores like changing a light bulb or replacing a/c filters may be just beyond the senior’s ability. A quick visit gets this done. 
  • Friendly visits – A simple social call may not seem like a critical service but may in fact provide some important social interaction and boost the spirits of a homebound senior.

To volunteer requires a few hoops; just showing up is unfortunately not an option. Contact Ellen Terry for a Volunteer Application and additional details about becoming an AIL volunteer at (480) 966-9704, ext 116 or email her.