• Len LaFlesch announced that Jeff Cutler and his wife have volunteered to host the Christmas party on Friday, December 11 this year. There was considerable debate as to what Jeff had to pay for his wife’s acquiescence, but we certainly appreciate the offer, nonetheless.
  • Bob Benjamin showed off the award received by the Lost Dutchman Marathon from the Arizona Office of Tourism at the Governor’s Tourism Conference. The award is for “Best Rural Special Event.” Many thanks to the 30+ Rotarians who help every year to make the event a success! The City of AJ sent in the nomination, and the award will reside in the new office of soon-to-be City Manager, Bryant Powell.
  • President Bryant Powell read a letter from Allen Monroe, Interim Executive Director of the Shelter Box, USA, thanking our club for the donation that helps the organization to provide humanitarian relief around the world to families affected by disaster and conflict.
  • Treasurer Dan Govinsky related that 32 of the club’s 44 members have never signed on to the Rotary International website. Rotary has asked that we do a better job getting members into the website, as that is where information is now available. 50% of our members have not signed on to our Club’s SuperRotary site. Harvey volunteered Dan to train club members on how to use the websites at the July 29 meeting.
  • Bill Burrows shared the news, including top headlines such as the controversy over the confederate flag, sentencing of the Boston Bomber, the French call for an “intelligence code of conduct among allies,” and the accidental broadcast by Winnipeg police helicopter pilots of a colorful cockpit conversation.
  • Congratulations are due to Bryant Powell. As he steps down as club president next week, he will be stepping into the position of City Manager for Apache Junction.
  • The club welcomed visitor Bill Cutler, Jeff Cutler’s father, who was a Rotarian for 27 years
  • Rotary Anniversaries – Harvey Clark: 7 years
                                     Bob Benjamin: 10 years at our club