1. Report from the May 14-16 District 5510 Conference - Bryant Powell
  • The club received the District Achievement Award for 2014-15
  • Club earned the Every Rotarian Every Year award
  • Jim Erickson's picture appeared in the program as our future district governor
2. Sharon Stinard reported on attending the Imagine High School graduation and presenting a $500 scholarship to a student.
3. Sharon mentioned that Dana Hawman's mother passed away recently and we should keep Dana and her family in our thoughts and prayers.
4. Bob Crow mentioned that Len LaFlesch had a letter to the editor published in the AZ Republic about piggy-backing a water pipeline to the Southwest on top of existing oil/gas pipelines. 
5. Bill Burrows brought us the news.  He read the text of Len's letter to the editor. On this date in 1937 the Golden Gate Bridge opened to traffic.  Henry Kissinger is 92 today.  Bill also mentioned that he completed a new Talking Books edition and he will get a $50 bonus if someone signs up with the program and buys his book as their first purchase.
6. The drawing was worth $30.50 today.  Len won $10 (again!) but missed the joker (again!).