Golf Tournament
The golf tournament last weekend was a huge success. President Bryant Powell commended Mike Munion, Len LaFlesch and the entire committee on an, “awesome job.” There were more golfers this year than we have seen for awhile. Kudos and a $75 gift certificate to the Gold Canyon Golf Resort went to Brenda McCullough for her part in recruiting “our neighbors to the north” for the tournament.
It seems clear that the Can Am Ryder Cup format did a lot to boost participation. And, by the way, according to committee co-chair Len, “The Canadians took it in the shorts.”
Lost Dutchman Days
Mike Munion reminded us that Lost Dutchman Days are about six weeks away: Feb 27, 28, and Mar 1. He will bring the sign up board next week. Our club has the concession for beer sales; last year, we had the opportunity to sell water as well because DARE did not show up. Water and soda sales is DARE’s concession, so whether we can do that this year depends on DARE’s participation. It was also noted that we will not be selling Budweiser this year; we will be switching to Coors, Miller, and Keystone products.
The Lost Dutchman Days rodeo has been going on for 50 years and has become a signature event in the community. Our club has been a part of it for many, many years with the concession for beer sales. Bryant reminded us that, “We make a big chunk of money.”
Winter Visitors
Jim and Beth Hoban from Hawaii: are co-chairs for their upcoming district conference. The district has negotiated a deal with the Hilton Waikoloa for a $139 room rate if anyone would like to join them. Bryant will send an email to the group with details.
The board nomination process continues. The committee is looking for at least one more volunteer for the board. If no one steps up, they will look at what they can do for assignments.
Lost Dutchman Marathon
Bob Benjamin expressed gratitude for the many folks who have already said they will be assisting at the Lost Dutchman Marathon. If anyone else would like to participate, talk to Bob.
In the Burrows Report, we learned that:
  • NASA astronauts had to evacuate their side of the international space station due to a false alarm.
  • The deadly attack on the staff of “Charlie Hebdo” apparently gave new life to the satirical French newspaper, as circulation jumped from 60,000 to 3 million.
  • A squirrel turned out the lights on 4,500 electric customers in SW Ohio. (The squirrel did not survive.)
  • Winter weather is causing road closures on Mount Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
And finally,
A Chinese woman chopped off her husband’s penis twice after she found his messages to a 21 year old mistress. The second time, authorities were unable to find the severed member. If you did not attend the meeting, ask someone