1. Governor John Pennypacker congratulated the club on gaining six new members.  President Bryant reminded John that we are one of the two clubs in the district to start an Interact club this year.
2. Bob Benjamin alerted us to the Lost Dutchman Marathon coming up on Sunday, February 15.  Our club assists with the 8 K Trail Run.  Bob needs volunteers to work from dawn for about 2 hours and then be done.  Bob said the event raises about $2,000 for the club and Bryant said it generates a total of $65,000 for charitable causes in Apache Junction.  See Bob to volunteer.
3. President Bryant said we will conduct elections next week for our 2015-16 officers and Board members.  The nominating committee will present a slate. Nominations can be made from the floor next week. The elected people do not start their duties until July 1, 2015.
4. Aaron McDermid did an outstanding job of raising money "for the children".  Lots of laughs.
5. Visitor Carl Reinhardt won the drawing and $10 but missed the joker.