1. Sharon Stinard announced there will be a Club Holiday Social on Friday, December 5 at the home of Mike and Diane Dungan.  It will be catered.  Cost is $15 per person.  She passed around a sign-up sheet.
2. Sharon thanked club members who helped with the Dictionary Project with a small "heroes" cup.  She also gave Jack Beveridge a special cape for leading 4 sessions.  The club thanked Sharon with a round of applause for leading the dictionary project.
3. President Bryant read the list of November birthdays, wedding anniversaries and club join anniversaries.
4. Gene Anderson reminded members that we have one more week to bring in pumpkin pie supplies for the Food Bank Thanksgiving meals.  We need canned pumpkin pie mix, canned evaporated milk and pre-made pie shells.  Bring them to the club or drop off at Gene's office.  Jeannie suggested if you haven't brought anything, to consider a cash gift next week and they will buy the stuff.  A club visitor donated $100 to the project last week.
5. Murray Hiatt reported on the Beer Garden at the Festival of the Superstitions in Apache Junction.  The club raised in the neighborhood of $372.
Thanks to all of our volunteers who worked the event.
6. Mike Munion and the Golf Committee are still expecting club members to find hole sponsors and to find raffle prizes.  There was a nice article on the Tournament in the AJ/GC News.
7. President Bryant reported that the Interact Club Certification form has been sent to Rotary International. Tracey Yamamoto noted that 17 students signed the form.  The students plan to volunteer at the AJ Food Bank every Saturday morning through the school year.  The club gave a round of applause to Tracey and Heather Itz for getting the club up and running.
8. Bill Burrows brought us the news of the day.  The ESA satellite landed a probe called Philae today on comet 67P/CG after completing a 10-year, 4 billion mile journey.  It is an incredible scientific feat that we hope will provide clues to the formation of comets and of our solar system.  On this day in 1954, Ellis Island closed after processing 20 million immigrants to the U.S.
9. Sargeant-at-Arms Aaron McDermid amused us with his creative fining.
10. Harvey Clark won the drawing and $10 but drew the five of hearts.  The pot was worth $81 today.