1. President Bryant welcomed our guests and visitors.
2. Mike Cowan is looking for 10 volunteers to sell beer at the Ranch Rodeo on Saturday, October 25th.  He passed around a sign up sheet and got his ten volunteers.
3. Sharon Stinard handed out purple ribbons made by the kids at the Boys and Girls Club to those present who weren't wearing purple on this day when we were all supposed to be doing so.  She reminded us of the Disco Fever dance fundraiser for CAAFA and encouraged members to come to the party or to make a donation in lieu of attending.  We will distribute dictionaries to 3rd graders on November 6th.  She passed around sign up sheets for the labeling party on October 17 at Bob Crow's home and for the dictionary distribution on November 6. 
4. Harvey Clark announced Congressman Paul Gosar's visit next week.  Gosar will actually be here at the resort starting at 7 AM to dialog with citizens. He reviewed upcoming speakers in November.
5. Bryant Powell reminded the club of the Food Bank drive for pie filling, evaporated milk and pie shells.  Several Rotarians brought in contributions today.  Gene and Jeannie Anderson are club coordinators for this project.
6. Mike Dungan brought us the news today in place of Bill Burrows.  He auctioned off a purple light bulb which Sandy Campbell bought for $10.
7. Mike Munion, Heather Itz and Tracey Yamamoto handed out golf ball drop tickets to sell.  Each Rotarian gets a book of 10 to sell.
8. Aaron McDermid handled the Sargeant-at-Arms duties.
9. The 50/50 drawing and $10 was won by Dean Holmes but he missed the joker.  We started the pot over today at $21 after Dan Govinsky's big win last week.