Posted by Robert Homann on Oct 18, 2017
1. October 24 is World Polio Day.
2. Debbie Jusko said the club alone met CAAFA's $400 goal for 20 donations of $20 apiece.  She brought receipts for tax credit for the donations.
3. Sharon reminded the club of the CAAFA Fundraiser "Giddy Up Gala" to be held on November 4 at 5:30 PM at the Rockin' R Ranch at 6136 E. Baseline Rd. in Mesa.  Tickets are $25.
4. Next week there is no noon meeting of the club.  Club reps will be meeting with the DG in the evening.
5. Harvey Clark announced a club fund raiser - selling beer at the Festival of the Superstitions.  It will be held in Flatiron Park on November 11-12.  Volunteers are needed to sell beer on Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM and on Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM.
6. Aaron McDermid has the dictionaries pre-positioned in the classrooms for the Dictionary Project on October 25 and all the slots are filled.  If any problems, contact him no later than the day before.  He will not be available on the 25th.
7. Rotary Foundation Dinner
8. 17th Annual Golf Tournament.
9. Mike Dungan brought us the "News of the Day".
10 Aaron McDermid served as Sargent at Arms and raised fine money.
11. The drawing was worth $390.50 today.  Mike Cowan won the drawing and $10 but drew the 5 of spades.  There are not many cards left hiding the joker.