1. Golf Committee meets today after today's meeting.
2. Mike Cowan needs 27 more volunteers for the Feb 24-25-26 Lost Dutchman Rodeo.  He passed around a sign up sheet.  We need to get some of our younger members involved.  This is one of our two largest fund raisers - it brought in $10,000 last year. 
3.Bob Benjamin is rounding up volunteers for the Lost Dutchman Marathon.  Our duty is the 8 K trail run early Sunday morning, February 19.  It's an early start but you will be done by mid morning. Volunteers act as course marshalls and also give water to runners.
4. Next week, the club will meet in the main dining room.  We will have Tina Gerola from Superstition Fire and Medical here to demonstrate modern CPR technique.  You are encouraged to bring your spouse, kids, friends, etc.
5. President Ed is looking for someone to step up and be President-Elect and serve as President after July 1.  Ed is planning on going back to work and won't be able to take a second year.  The new person will be trained at PETS in late February. If interested, contact Ed.
6. Jacquie Smith won the drawing and $10 but drew the queen of spades.  The pot was worth $273.  It was Jacquie's birthday today so it was appropriate that she won.