1. Jim Dokken presented President Ed Shockley with a banner from his home club of High River in Alberta, Canada.
2. The club is looking into buying a portable amplification system for our meetings since it sometime hard to hear our speakers (and each other).
3. There are two celebrations of the 100th anniversary of The Rotary Foundation. One is January 28 sponsored by the Scottsdale Rotary Club.  This is a family event.  You can get tickets on line.  The other is also on January 28 and is sponsored by the District.  See the district website for more info.  Jay Jones urged us to attend it.
4. Mike Munion announced there would be a meeting of the Golf Committee following this meeting. We still need raffle prizes and silent auction prizes.  Len LaFlesh mentioned that he had a list of golf courses in AZ and their phone numbers.  He encouraged us to call some of them to see if we can get donations of foursomes, twosomes, bags, a club, a shirt, golf balls, whatever.
5. Mike Cowan said Lost Dutchman Days is coming up February 24-25-26, 2017.  He needs lots of extra help this year, particularly in the evenings.  He passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers.  You can have your last-year's slot if you want it.
6. President Ed mentioned that Tina Gerola from SF&M will be here January 18 to teach us about modern CPR techniques.  Feel free to bring a spouse or friends to the session.
7 Matt Ruppert read a Thank You letter from the family who received our donation to the "Folds of Honor" foundation (see below):
 8. The drawing today was worth $253. I don't recall who won it, but the person who did got $10 but did not draw the Joker.