• Paint-A-Thon will be held October 22 in AJ.  The club would like to put together a team to have this event be one of our service projects for the year.
  • Mike Cowan announced the 3rd annual Ranch Rodeo will be held Saturday, October 15.  He will be looking for volunteers to help with beer sales at the event.
  • President Ed ordered 50 tickets for the Scotland Golf Raffle.  Each club member will get some to sell. Winners fly over and play 4 golf courses or can take $30,000 in prize money.  Tickets are $25.
  • Bob Homann announced that Bob Crow's picture and story is in this week's Independent.
  • Aaron McDermid is working on the initial stages of the Dictionary Project.  Probably will take place in September.
  • Mike Dungan brought us the News of the Day.
  • Sargeant-at-Arms Aaron Mcdermid raised some money for the children and our chronically under budget club treasury.
  • Sharon Stinard won the drawing and $10 but drew the 5 of hearts.  The pot was worth $115 today.