SPEAKER 4.1.2105

Our speaker last week was Dan Sandeen.  Dan is the former chief IT officer of the state of AZ who has now started his own company.  Dan's father was a Rotarian who took him to Rotary meetings and Dan had his own son along today.  Dan was a Rotary Youth Exchange student when he was 14 years old.  He went to Cuernavaca, MX from Billings, MT.
Dan mentioned the fact that the average lifetime for a business has been getting shorter and shorter and may be as short as six years by 2020.  It is a a reflection of the accelerating pace of change brought about by technology.  He stressed the SMAC model for businesses that want to keep up - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.  The new standard is making your product or service available anytime and anywhere. That's a tall order for most businesses and the reason some will fade from the scene.