• Aaron McDermid passed around a sign-up sheet for the annual Dictionary Project. The date this year will be Thursday, 9/22/16. We will be distributing more than 300 dictionaries to 3rd graders in the Apache Junction-Gold Canyon schools.
  • President Ed Shockley congratulated Sharon Stinard on winning the Democratic primary in her run for the AZ House of Representatives.
  • Mike Dungan delivered the news:
    • Ex-Texas Governor Rick Perry will be on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. The field also include Marsha from the Brady Bunch (Maureen McCormick) and bad boy Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.
    • Bad blood made Tombstone, AZ infamous, and the political climate apparently has not changed over time. In the recent mayoral race, one intended candidate claims that the incumbent colluded with city officials to block him from that ballot. He filed a protest with the Attorney General, which is now being investigated by the FBI.
    • Our national debt is now $19.5 trillion. It is projected to reach $28.2 trillion within 10 years. Interest payments are expected to triple over the same time span, from $248 billion to $712 billion.
    • The balance on student loans is now $1.26 trillion, which is larger than the outstanding balance on auto loans, which is $1.1 trillion.
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  • The drawing was worth$132 today. Bryant Powell won the drawing and $10 but drew the 8 of spades.