• The Conference of Clubs will be May 20-21 at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale, including awards, mystery speakers, and fun-filled surprises.
  • Matt Rupert requested that if anyone has any contacts/ideas for speakers, please speak with Matt or Harvey Clark.
  • Jim Erickson had emergency gall bladder surgery on Sunday.
  • Matt passed around a signup sheet to volunteer for summer hours at the Genesis Project. The soup kitchen mostly will need help on the weekends. Hours are 7am – 3pm, and they run eight people per shift. Volunteers can opt to work four-hour shifts, as well. Tom Puklin is coordinating the effort.
  • Len shared an email from Brenda McCullough providing inside information about the wildfire in Northern Alberta, Canada. You can read the letter here:
  • Bob Benjamin presented Brian Kabat with the appreciation plaque from the Lost Dutchman Marathon to Superstition Mountain Rotary so it could be publicly displayed at Frontier Ace Hardware.
  • Mike Dungan delivered the news:
    • 7,000 undercover officers in Tehran are actively patrolling to be sure citizens’ attire meet the Iranian standards of modesty and morality. The Guidance Patrols, as they are called, occasionally cite men for things such as overly long beards, but women are the primary subjects of scrutiny. They can be fined for showing too much hair, taking a walk with a boyfriend, and many other such scandalous infractions.
    • According to the late George Carlin, “Everybody’s gotta have a place for their stuff.” Since he died eight years ago, his daughter, Kelly Carlin, has had custody of his stuff. Now she is donating his stuff to the National Comedy Center, which is opening next year in Jamestown, NY.
    • Nasa announced the discovery of an unprecedented number of planets beyond our solar system. Astronomers have confirmed the existence of 1,284 worlds orbiting distant stars. The planets were discovered with the help of NASA’s Kepler space telescope, which was launched in 2009.
  • Have you checked out our club’s Facebook page? If you haven’t yet, “Like” us HERE. The page is filled with tidbits from our club, information about service opportunities, stories about Rotarian causes such as education and polio, and news from the charities our club has helped. Your “like” on our stories will help us to know what you want more of!
Murray Hiatt won the drawing and $10 as we start building the pot again.  It was worth $22 today.  Murray drew the 6 of Diamonds.