• Past-President Bryant Powell, substituting for President Matt Ruppert, brought us up to date on leadership changes in three community organizations: the Boys & Girls Club has a new director, Russell St. John; East Valley Adult Resources is in search of a new executive director after Dan Taylor’s retirement; and the AJ Food Bank has a new director, Myra Garcia.
  • Mike Cowan recognized and thanked the volunteers who served in the Lost Dutchman Rodeo beer vendor booths. Special appreciation goes to Tracey Yamamoto, Murray Hiatt, Dick Soener and Ron Knies, who worked all three days of the rodeo. The club did $27,975 in beer sales and another $2,333 in tips, breaking the previous record of $25,000 set in 2014.
  • Mike Dungan presented the news for the day:
    • Presidential elections have a profound effect on the economy and the stock market. On the average, the Dow Jones performs better when the incumbent party, regardless of which party that is, wins the presidential election.
    • A survey conducted by the Lux Research Company in 1995 showed that female baby boomers believed that Bob Barker understood the value of a dollar better than their congressmen.
    • Locally, police were dispatched to Wal-Mart to arrest a man who was pointing a gun at one of the store’s freezers offering chicken nuggets.
    • Ben Fellows won the drawing and $10 but drew the six of hearts. The pot was worth $556.50 today.  We are down to 15 cards.  Think the joker is in there?  Got to play to draw him.