• 2/23/16 was the 111th anniversary of Rotary.
  • Mike Cowan locked the door before informing us that we were still one volunteer short of the full complement for Lost Dutchman Rodeo beer vendor booths. A volunteer immediately spoke up, modifying Mike’s announcement to, “none short.”
  • The missing Rotary banners have been found. Please be sure to sign them out for future use.
  • Jim Erickson reminded us that PETS is coming up. Three specialized seminars will include current information and ideas about building membership, vocational service, and public image. The event also includes a rare opportunity to hear Rotary Secretary General John Hewko as the keynote speaker.
  • 47 clubs voted in favor of the proposed merger between districts 5510 and 5490, 6 clubs voted against the merger, and 20 didn’t vote (73 clubs total). The paperwork will be put together and sent to Evanston for approval at the April Board meeting of Rotary International. The proposed new district number is 5495. As it stands today, 37% of the clubs in the combined districts have fewer than 20 members, so the merger won’t completely resolve the issue of low membership. A web page has been created to inform interested parties about the merger:
  • Bob Benjamin thanked everyone for the “absolutely wonderful turnout” at the 8K race. There were 620 runners, none of them got lost, they all got water, and the guys who put the signs out in the middle of the night only broke one of them, and that can be repaired.
  • Dana Hawman won the drawing today which was worth $531.50.  But she drew the 7 of spades.  We are down to 15 cards for this week's meeting.