• A Board meeting and a Golf Committee meeting were held after the regular luncheon meeting.
  • Mary Kay received her name badge, officially acknowledging her status as our newest member.
  • Mike Cowan solicited volunteers for the Lost Dutchman Rodeo beer vendor booths. We will be selling Coors and Blue Moon beers this year.
  • Bob Benjamin reminded us that the Lost Dutchman Marathon is Sunday, 2/14/16. The volunteer roster is set, but if anyone else wants to help out, Bob will find someplace to put them to work.
  • Jim Erickson talked about “Helping Arizona Clubs Shine.” Everyone should have received a flyer via email for the event, which will be held at the Hilton Phoenix/Mesa on Friday, March 4. Three specialized seminars will include current information and ideas about building membership, vocational service, and public image. The event also includes a luncheon with Rotary Secretary General John Hewko as the keynote speaker.
  • Harvey Clark informed us that Sheriff Joe may or may not be our speaker on 2/17.
  • Mike Dungan auctioned off remaining items from the golf tournament, raising $295 for the kids.
  • The drawing was worth $502.50 today.  Our speaker Paula Blessman had the winning number and won $10 but drew the 2 of hearts.  The number of cards hiding the joker continues to shrink.