• Bob Benjamin summarized the club’s long-time involvement with the Lost Dutchman Marathon and requested volunteers to work the trail run portion of the event. The marathon will be held February 14 this year.
  • There will be a Golf Committee meeting immediately following the regular club meeting. Mike Munion asked members to help get the word out about the tournament, as we need more people to play. We also need additional raffle prizes. Wednesday 1/13/16 is the last day to bring in prizes and raffle ticket funds.
  • Harvey Clark reminded us that the next three meetings have sign up sheets to attend, as the speakers are expected to bring in non-members as well. We need a head count to be prepared.
  • President Matt Ruppert delivered the sad news that Bill Burrows has resigned his membership, citing retirement and the long drive from home.
  • Mike Dungan accepted the challenge to present the news report in Bill Burrows’ stead, asking, “Does the news have to be honest?” He then provided the timely update, in light of the quickly approaching golf tourney, that Donald Trump has not yet proposed banning Canadians from the country, so our Can-Am format is still on.
  • The drawing was worth $450.50 (not quite the $1.2 billion of the Powerball Lottery) but big for us.  Frank Mwinyelle won the drawing and $10 but drew the ace of hearts.  Lucky in love via the ace of hearts,but not in drawing jokers.