• There will be a Golf Tournament Committee Meeting after next week’s club meeting. If you are on the committee, or if you WANT to be on the committee, please plan to attend!

  • President Matt Rupert provided a few news bites in Bill Burrows’ absence: The market is up, recovering from the recent steep drop. A TV news reporter and cameraman in Virginia were shot and killed by a man who had a grudge against the station after being fired. The person being interviewed was also shot, but is in stable condition.

  • Jay Jones announced that Dan Govinsky has completed the three-part Rotary Leadership Institute training. The training helps members better understand what Rotary is all about. As a result of the training, Dan has created a “todo” list, some of which he has already accomplished, including:

  • Dan has put links on the left side of our Rotary web page where members can download information about the Rotary Fellowship – a resource where members can connect with fellow Rotarians, worldwide, who share similar interests and hobbies.

  • Dan has also added a link to Action Groups. These are people who really want to get passionate about a specific need such as disaster assistance, family health, hearing, etc.

  • A third link is for the Global Rewards Program, which shows the discounts available to all Rotarians for hotel rates, cars, travel and more. Access the link for details about how to participate.

  • Anyone interested in the Rotary Leadership Institute can access information through the “Hot Links,” which is right under the banner on the website.

  • The Phoenix 100 Club has created a new category called “Sustaining Members.” This type of membership allows spouses to join the Rotary Club for a nominal fee, encouraging family participation.

  • ​The drawing was worth $131.50 today.  Len LaFlesch won the drawing and $10 but drew the 9 of clubs.