• President Matt Ruppert acknowledged Jeff Cutler with a recruitment pin for bringing our newest member, Michael McCord on board. Unfortunately, with the recent loss of Heidi Golemon, we are still stuck at 43 members.
  • Bill Burrows gave us, “All the news that’s fit to hear,” including word that the water in Rio de Janeiro may be unsafe for the summer Olympics competition next summer due to the high levels of bacteria from human waste. In further news, while swimming in a lake in the German Alps, a teenager discovered a 17.6 oz bar of gold. (I, for one, am considering changing my vacation from Brazil to Germany.) Thought for the day: “The secret of life is meaningless unless you discover it for yourself.”
  • Gene and Jeannie Anderson shared a musical interlude that they first saw 63 years ago, performed by Harry Belafonte and Ella Fitzgerald at their homecoming in Wisconsin. “Dear Liza, Dear Liza.”  
  • They told the tale of a bucket with a hole in it that proved very hard to repair.  Smiles and laughter all around showed the appreciation of the club for the Andersons bringing us a welcome change of pace for our meeting today.