• President Bryant Powell and Len LaFlesch delivered checks from the club this week to the Apache Junction Food Bank ($1,000) and Project HELP ($2,083). The donations are the result of weekly speaker “fees” and the weekly passing of the bucket for Project HELP.
  • Attendees celebrated Dan Govinsky’s 37 year Rotary anniversary with a surprise flash mob ovation.
  • President Bryant reminded attendees that the Bi-District Rotary Conference is this week: May 15 & 16 at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak in Phoenix.
  • Brandon Johnson was given his Rotary Badge and welcomed as a new member.
  • Bill Burrows presented the latest news from around the world.
  • Julian Easter announced that the five scholarships we donated to Central Arizona College students was written up in the CAC newsletter Len has funds for at least one more scholarship for CAC.
  • Aaron McDermid served as Sargeant-at-Arms. 
  • Art Hergatt gave a goodbye speech in which he said how much he feels like a member of our club even though he is a winter-only resident.  We will miss Art very much and look forward to his return next year.
  • Gene Anderson won the drawing and $10 but drew the jack of diamonds.  The pot was worth $23